Sleeping to better eyesight with OrthoK

What is OrthoK?

OrthoK works through over night vision correction.
A specially designed contact lens worn overnight reduces the power of the cornea to improve your vision when you are short sighted. It is ideal for patients with a prescription between -1.00 to -5.00DS and astigmatism up to a maximum of -2.50DC.

It works best for people who require the convenience of not wearing lenses or glasses in the day and have at least 6hrs sleep per night. Studies have also shown it reduces the amount of myopia progression (elongation of the eye) which in turn reduces the risk of future pathology.

Patient Expectations

You should expect good vision all day; you should see a noticeable improvement after the first night, however it may take up to 10-14 days until the vision is at its best and stable.
One eye may see better than the other depending on your prescription – this is quite common and perfectly normal and as we use both eyes together to see, it should not affect your vision.

Your First Visit

You must not wear soft contact lenses for at least 2 days before your appointment.

History. We will take a detailed history of your eyes, discuss your requirements and expectations. What is your motivation for OrthoK lenses? Do you have any previous contact lens problems or dry eye issues?
Refraction. We will check your current glasses prescription and make sure you are suitable for OrthoK.
Slit Lamp Assessment. We will check the front surface of your eye and your tear film and record any baseline information for future reference.
Topography. Our state of the art equipment will take scans and plot maps of the curvature of the front of your eye (cornea). These measurements are sent away to tailor-make your new lenses.

Your Second Visit

Collecting and fitting of your new lenses

Insertion. Your new contact lenses will be put in to check the fitting on your eye and the vision. You should be able to see clearly when the lenses are in place.
Teach. We will teach you how to insert and remove lenses and show you how to clean and safely store them in their case. Multipurpose solution is used to clean the lenses before storing. Rubbing the lenses clean every morning is essential – use a circular motion to gently cleanse the lenses.
First Night. You should insert your lenses just before going to bed and wear them overnight (remember you ideally need to have at least 6hrs of sleep). They may feel a bit strange on the first night, but like new shoes they will get more comfortable as you get used to them and you won’t feel them whilst your eyes are closed. Try not to rub your eyes when the lenses are in place.
In the morning. It is really important to make sure the lenses are moving on the eye before trying to take them out; if they are ‘bound’ – leave them in until they become loose – usually 30 minutes. Insert comfort eye drops to help the lens move around, this will make removal easier. If you really don’t feel that you can get the lenses moving, do not try to remove them but come in for your appointment wearing the lenses.

Your Third Visit

You will need an appointment the first morning after wearing your contact lenses, having removed them upon waking (see note above). You should not drive to this appointment as you may not be up to driving standards. We need to check the vision, the fit and that you are happy with the lenses. We will assess the front surface of the eye, check your prescription and take another set of topography scans to see how the shape of your cornea has changed.
We expect to see a decrease of about -2.00DS in the power of your eyes, after the first night, so you may need to wear soft contact lenses to top up the prescription for the first few days but everybody’s eyes will change at a different rate, so this is why we need to see you often at the beginning to check how things are progressing.

If the only way you can get to the appointment is by driving please make us aware of this; we will discuss with you how we can best manage this.

Aftercare Visits

Subsequent visits to the Optometrist will be arranged 3-4 days, 2 weeks and 3 months after wearing your OrthoK lenses. It will be a requirement that you do not wear the lenses to these appointments.
After these initial visits, you will require an appointment every 6 months and your lenses will be replaced at each 6 monthly appointment. You should come to these appointments not wearing your lenses.

Good Results

We consider we have achieved a successful result when:

• You are comfortable wearing your contact lenses overnight
• You are happy with vision and it is stable and acceptable
• There are no significant effects on the physiology of your eyes and your eyes are healthy

If all the above is true – you can continue with OrthoK.

If you have any questions, please phone us for advice: Do not wear your lenses if there is any pain, redness or discharge.

Cleaning and storing is extremely important with reusable lenses. You should only use the solutions and cleaning products which have been recommended by your Optometrist. As OrthoK lenses are made from a special material, other solutions may cause warping of the lenses and therefore not produce the desired results.

Cost of OrthoK

Initial Fitting Fee: £250
This covers all appointments for the first month (usually 4 or 5), specialist corneal topography mapping, your initial pair of lenses and any solutions.

Ongoing Costs:
There is a monthly fee of £43.50 (via Direct Debit) to cover the 12 monthly replacement of your contact lenses, solutions, all aftercare appointments and professional fees including contact lens check ups and eye examinations (6 monthly option is also available). Any emergency appointments are also covered which gives you peace of mind in budgeting, avoids any unexpected expenses and lets you know you are getting the best care for your eyes.

As with our other Care Schemes you will also be entitled to 20% discount on sunglasses.