The first Oliver Peoples designs were inspired by an estate collection of American-made eyewear purchased by the founders of the brand in the late 1980’s. Among the collection was a receipt signed with the name “Oliver Peoples”, reasonably the owner of the collection, and so the first original collection was named in his honour. This vintage aesthetic was a substantial departure from the futuristic styles and geometric shapes in bright, brazen colours dominant in the late 1980’s. By defining a new intellectual category, the direction of eyewear changed globally and remains at the heart of the brand today.

Remaining true to the sophisticated, intellectual aesthetic made iconic by the brand, Oliver Peoples has maintained a passion for superior eyewear crafted of the finest materials with careful attention to detail. Each frame is inspired and created in the design studio in West Hollywood, California then meticulously handcrafted in a dedicated factory following a process which combines both technological advancements and the human touch. The end result is an authentic design with bespoke, handmade detail which is distinctive and unique.