Created on the Hawaiian Islands to make the colours shine, Maui Jim sunglasses feature patented PolarizedPlus2® lens technology for brilliant colour so every detail is crisper and cleaner and without glare or harmful UV. Slip on a pair and See The Brilliance.

Inspired by the beauty and culture of Maui, our mission is to spread aloha through vivid colour clarity and detail.
For those who appreciate the sun, Maui Jim provides more vibrant colours of the world while protecting your eyes from the harsh effects of glare and harmful rays.
We make your life brighter so you see the colours of your world at their best and always feel confident in your style. 

Maui Jim believes colour and light are the key to human experience. Our sunglasses show you its full spectrum, so you can see the world like you’ve never seen. We believe everyone should experience all 16,777,216 hues of beautiful colour that surrounds us every day. 

For the ultimate in choice of design and comfortable vision, Maui Jim sunglasses are second to none. This specialist brand uses the most advanced polarising technology to provide incredible vision in bright conditions. They are available to prescription both in single vision and multifocal design.

We also stock Maui Jim’s specially designed reading sunglasses, which eliminate any discomfort associated with reading in the sun and cover both distance and reading vision.