Fee Structure

Private Eye Examinations (Including OCT scan and Optomap) £75.00
Standard NHS Eye Examination Free

Advanced NHS Eye Examination (Including OCT scan and Optomap)

Student Eye Examinations
Emergency Appointments £75.00
Follow Up Appointment £55.00
Dry Eye Assessment £75.00
Goldman £40.00
OrthoK Fitting Fee £250.00
Contact Lens Aftercare £60.00
Combination Eye Examination and Contact Lens Aftercare £130.00


Initial Contact Lens Evaluation and Fitting*
Contact lens fitting + teach + diagnostic contact lenses + Follow up appointment
* Patient should have had an Eye Examination within the previous 12 months

From £90

Annual Contact Lens Aftercare Plan
Including 6 monthly CL aftercare, biannual eye examination + CL emergencies
* Paid by direct debit
* (£9.50 per month)